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Nail Art Stamping Plates

Image of Nail Art Stamping Plates
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Decorate your nails with these fantastic images!

Stainless steel
Paper backing
Choose from:
Flora XY-J18
Music/Cats/ABC XY-J30

Plastic film protection on images
Plates measure: 12cm x 6cm

photos are sideways so you can see the individual images better.

How To Use:
- Remove the plastic protective film from over the plate.
- Make sure the etched images are free of dust and oil.
- Apply a thick layer of nail polish over the design you wish to stamp. (Please use stamping polish for the images to be transferred to your stamper easily. Some Peachtree Polishes can be used for stamping.)
- Hold a plastic card firmly at a 45 degree angle and lightly scrape across the plate to remove excess polish.
- Immediately after scraping, quickly transfer the design to your stamper by rolling once across the design from one side to the other or pushing once straight into the design.
- Quickly transfer the image from the stamper onto a nail. Make sure your base color nail is completely dry!
- When the stamped image is completely dry, add your favorite top coat to seal in the design.