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Handcrafted Beer Soap

Image of Handcrafted Beer Soap

Are you or someone you know a beer lover? Then this soap is for you!

Made with real Honey Ale Beer this soap is designed to represent a mug of beer; complete with frothy top and a slice of lime. The scent is Honey Ale which is the natural ingredient of the soap; no fragrance oil was added. All ingredients are soap including the 'froth' and the 'lime'

Enjoy the luxury of natural ingredients with our hand-made soaps! Rich and creamy; each bar will delight you with smoothness and pleasurable fragrance!

(1) bar for $5.00

weight: approx. 5 oz. per bar

To extend the life of your soap, store it on a well drained soap dish out of range of water sprays.

For ingredients see the Ingredients page.