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Image of Hand-made Bar Soaps

Hand-made Bar Soaps

Enjoy the luxury of natural ingredients with our new hand-made soaps! Rich and creamy; each bar will delight you with smoothness and pleasurable fragrance!

Applejack Layered Soap: A perfect scent for fall. The scent is Apple Cinnamon which has notes of cinnamon, cloves, red apples, butter, sweet icing, anise, cardamom, ginger, vanilla bean, brown sugar and maple.

Purple Layered Soap: White, lavender and purple layered soap is perfect for any bathroom! The scent is Black Raspberry Vanilla which has notes of blackberries and raspberries, white floral greenery, musk and vanilla

American Soap: Blue and red layered soap with a golden star embedded throughout the bar. The scent is Black Cherry

(1) for $5.00

weight: approx. 5 - 5.20 oz. per bar

Each bar is tightly wrapped in cellophane and secured with a label.

To extend the life of your soap, store it on a well drained soap dish out of range of water sprays.

For ingredients see the Ingredients page.


Image of Hand-made Bar Soaps
Image of Hand-made Bar Soaps
Image of Hand-made Bar Soaps